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Retreats / Workshops

Our retreats are based on Integral Yoga & Meditation, Community, Creativity, Healthy & Delicious Vegetarian Food, and Connection with Nature. Our facilitators will teach you how to go back to the Natural Rhythm of Life, to reconnect with your True Self, to discover and explore, to learn and to play.

It’s time to reawaken to the magic and mystery of Life. It’s time to share, be challenged and grow. It’s time to be real.

  • 1. de stress Retreat (Collaboration with Ayurvedic Centre in Gujarat, India)
  • 2. CPR Course (Collaboration with Yayasan Jantung Negara)
  • 3. Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat (Collaboration with Ayurvedic Centres in Gujerat, Delhi & Dharamsala, India)
  • 4. Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop (Collaboration with Ayurvedic Centre in Gujerat, India)
  • 5. Creative Yoga Retreat (Collaboration with Yoga Masters from Mumbai, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Kerala, Gujerat, India and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 6. Secrets of Breathing (Collaboration with Ayurvedic Centre in Gujerat, India)

Yoga Is Not a Religion.... Yoga is Not merely a physical exercise….. The word Yoga means to J_ _ _ or U _ _ _ _ or C _ _ _ _ _ _

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